Cuba: New actions against the island are being prepared

Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel

The war that the United States is waging against Cuba is broad and covers politics, economy, culture, sports, health, education, and everything they can do to hinder the development of the island, with the purpose of preventing the satisfaction of the people through their media campaigns projecting socialism as a failed system.

The new plan is centered on the upcoming visit to the UN in September of Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel, where he will intervene as the current president of the Group 77 plus China, something that the Yankees could not prevent and which gives the Island an important role in the international arena, and something that counteracts the lies fabricated against the Revolution.

In Miami, the City of Hate, the elements financed by the State Department and the CIA to carry out the anti-Cuban plans designed by the specialists of the Internet Task Force for Subversion in Cuba, created in January 2018, and others dedicated to creating defamatory campaigns, are taking steps to organize acts of repudiation against the visit of the Cuban president and to create an atmosphere that will hinder his participation in the UN.

The memory of these specialists, many of them young, who have not searched their archives for the failures of their predecessors when they tried for years to do the same to Fidel Castro during his visits to New York, is bad. It always backfired, but hatred blinds them and does not allow them to reason.

For its part, the State Department is already deploying its guidelines and pressures on a group of journalists at its service so that they may quickly disseminate the information generated by the specialists in subversion against Cuba, as some Florida newspapers and television stations are doing.

Meanwhile, presidents and chancellors of countries where repression against popular protests is brutal are not subjected to a single word of criticism, among them the president of France, who has a long record of brutal beatings of workers, or that of Peru, which in less than a year has accumulated 70 deaths due to repression and more than 2000 wounded, pending trial, a situation that has never happened in Cuba after 1959.

The same Yankee president who allows his police forces to shoot to kill and use actions to immobilize detainees, causing their death by asphyxiation, the one who finances the war in Ukraine and even delivered cluster bombs prohibited by the United Nations, is not the object of accusatory campaigns.

The United States has an infinite sheet of crimes against humanity, during its recent wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya, with thousands of civilian deaths, mutilated, and the destruction of those countries, so it lacks morals to point out Cuba because it faced the disorders that occurred in 2021, incited by the imperial media machine itself, as has been proven.

The United States applies the death penalty to men, women, and even children and does not receive a single international condemnation. Its prisons are full of women and minors, many of them serving life sentences in adult facilities, in total violation of human rights; therefore, it should look inward before creating campaigns to countries that do not agree to submit to its dictates.

Recently, official documents were published revealing the covert actions of the CIA to overthrow the Chilean government of Salvador Allende, some of them with notes in the handwriting of Richard Helms, director of the CIA, during the meeting held on September 15, 1970, with Richard Nixon, then president of the United States.

In that meeting, Nixon directed the CIA to “work full time with the best men we have.” “Make the Chilean economy howl” and stressed: “I was not concerned about risks involving the United States.”

That same position was assumed by John F. Kennedy against Cuba, and that is why he approved in 1962 the Cuba Project, where also the economy was the main target, which remains unchanged with its criminal economic, commercial, and financial war, to prevent any satisfaction of the population, coupled with propaganda actions to achieve the resentment of the people against the revolutionary government.

Just as Nixon expressed in 1970, on January 19, 1962, Richard Helms, Chief of Operations of the CIA, sent a report to its director John McCone, of the result of a meeting with Robert Kennedy, Attorney General of the United States, on Cuba, where this among other things expressed:

“The overthrow of the Castro regime is possible. We urgently need to take actions that will keep Castro occupied with internal economic, political and social problems, preventing him from spending time on foreign policy issues, especially in Latin America”.

“A solution to the Cuban problem constitutes at this time, a high priority of the U.S. government, everything else is secondary and no time, money, effort or human resources will be spared.”

“The Attorney General of the United States expressed that the day before, January 18, 1962, President Kennedy indicated to me: The last chapter on Cuba has not yet been written, it must be done and it will be done. That is why he ordered the attendees at that meeting, their absolute and resolute dedication not to fail in the fulfillment of the 32 tasks of the Cuba Project”.

Nothing has changed. The destabilization of the economy of the countries that refuse to submit to the United States is the Yankees’ favorite weapon, but they try to create the matrix of opinion that it is false and only pretexts of those who suffer it to hide their failures.

The declassified documents of the CIA and the White House expose the truth, although the mercenaries of the pen in the service of the State Department never make reference to this information that demonstrates the irrefutable reality of who are the real violators of human rights, who cannot give lessons to anyone.

Cuba has nothing to be ashamed of, the Yankees cannot hide the work of the Revolution, and as José Martí expressed:

“To raise one’s brow is more beautiful than to lower it.”

Source: Razones de Cuba, translation Resumen Latinoamericano –  English

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