China issues report on U.S. violation of WTO rules

China issued, for the first time, a report comprehensively revealing the United States’ excessive violation of World Trade Organization rules on August 11, urging the world’s largest economy to shoulder responsibilities and safeguard the multilateral trading system with WTO at the core.

Reviewing the U.S.’s performance in following WTO rules via the report, China has expressed concerns over U.S. policy measures that undermine the multilateral trading rules, impose unilateral sanctions, adopt double standards in industrial policies, and disturb global industrial and supply chains.

The U.S. has not only refused to follow the WTO ruling but also rejected a proposal to start the process of selecting new judges for the Appellate Body of the WTO, which became non-functional in December 2019 for lack of judges, the report, which was released on the website of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out.

The U.S. has long been imposing unilateral sanctions like additional tariffs on other countries under the so-called concerns of national security, human rights, and forced technology transfer, and forces others to take its side and meet its requirements, the report said.

The U.S. also implements exclusive and discriminatory subsidy policies and disrupts other countries’ industrial development through means like export control. It provokes decoupling, breaks global industrial and supply chains, expects to force industrial reshoring through the unilateral levying of tariffs, tries to establish U.S.-centered industrial and supply chains through massive and exclusive industrial subsidies, and promotes friendly-shoring outsourcing based on its so-called sharing similar values.

Source: China Daily

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