Solidarity in New York with the people of Peru

SLL photo: Stephen Millies

Twenty thousand people marched into Lima, the capital of Peru on July 19. They are demanding an end to the illegal regime that has crushed democracy and killed over 80 protesters. Thousands more have been arrested or wounded.

On Dec. 7, 2022, Peru’s elected President, Pedro Castillo Terrones, was removed from office and jailed. He’s still imprisoned.

The former vice president, Dina Boularte, is the figurehead for a military dictatorship whose real master is in the U.S. embassy. One thousand five hundred U.S. troops were sent to Peru, supposedly for “exercises” but really to bolster the dictatorship.

On July 22, members of New York City’s Peruvian community and other supporters gathered in Manhattan’s Union Square in solidarity with the struggle in Peru. Speeches described the police terror against peasants, workers, and students.

They demanded the freeing of President Castillo from jail and his restoration to office. Castillo was a teacher and is from the people.

Pictures were displayed in Union Square of those who police and the army had killed. People walking back stopped to listen.

The people of Peru are determined to overthrow the dictatorship of Dina Boularte, the military, and the U.S. embassy. Working and poor people here need to demand: U.S. out of Peru!

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