Solidarity statement for Philippines People’s State of the Nation Address

The people of this country are familiar with a presidential address. And like the people of the Philippines, we know it to be an opportunity for presidents to lie through their teeth. 

And like the Philippines, this country has a president that has a little more stage savvy than the last. This is the kind of thing that can lull some parts of the masses into security. But we know better.

The Socialist Unity Party stands with you. We stand with you in this, the People’s State of the Nation Address–in standing up to power and telling the truth to the masses. 

We stand with the People’s Democratic Revolution and the mass movement that carries it out, inspiring working-class organizations all over the world.

Working class and activist organizations here in this country do not raise the issue of the Philippines nearly enough. Despite the imperialist relationship between the U.S. and the Philippines, too many could not point to the Philippines on a map.

This is our call to the Left in the U.S.: we must build the anti-imperialist movement in this country. Further, the anti-imperialist movement and the workers’ movement must become one in the same. 

This is necessary not only because of the shared knowledge that imperialism must be defeated. It is necessary because we believe in the victory of the People’s Democratic Revolution. And when the national democratic movement wins, we can count on U.S. imperialism to attack.

We should be ready to beat back the imperialists. The working class should be ready to shut down any attempt by the imperialists to intervene. 

This we commit to you–we will continue to do everything we can to build a movement with that power. 

Onward to a liberated Philippines! Victory to the People’s Democratic Revolution! 

From Palestine to the Philippines, stop the U.S. war machine!

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