San Diego: Eyewitness Cuba’s Queer Rights Revolution, July 22

Saturday, JULY 22, 2023, AT 2:30 PM PDT
Cuba’s Queer Rights Revolution – Eyewitness San Diego Justice Center, 7151 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego
Celebrate Queer Pride – Learn about the revolutionary Families Code in Cuba that puts Love first. Hear reports from the Women in Struggle LGBTQ+ delegation to Cuba in May 2023.
Eyewitness reports:
Melinda Butterfield – Women in Struggle, co-editor Struggle La Lucha newspaper
& Jordan David – Lavender Guard
Special guest: Christynne Lilly Wood- Santee Community Activist Recipient of Bayard Rustin Award & Transgender Woman of the Year-LGBTQ Center San Diego

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