New Orleans: Justice for Daviri Robertson protest, 7/17

Monday, July 17 – 3:00 p.m.
5th Circuit Court, 600 Camp Street, New Orleans

In 2019, Daviri Robertson and Chris Joseph were murdered by police in Jefferson Parish. Last month, these killer cops were granted qualified immunity, meaning they cannot be held accountable, and Robertson’s family is appealing the decision.

Robertson and Joseph were entrapped by two cops in unmarked police vehicles. The cops shot up their car, claiming it was reversing at high speed and endangering a cop between the car and truck, but no police were injured by Robertson or Joseph and their vehicles were not damaged. The bogus claims of the police are part of a pattern and practice of the police that has been used time and again to incriminate victims of police terror.

For the last four years, the Robertson family has been fighting for justice. Join them in solidarity on Monday, July 17, at 3 PM, at the 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans at 600 Camp St. to protest qualified immunity and to demand that killer cops be held to account for their crimes.


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