#FREEKONONOVICH: We will not leave you behind

As we approach 500 days since the kidnapping of our comrades Mikhail and Aleksander Kononovich by the Security Service of the reactionary regime of Ukraine, their situation continues to worsen.

In the last hours, we have been informed that the threats against their physical integrity, including death threats, are escalating. A clear example of this situation is the posts of the Ukrainian police officer, Yevgeny Kravchul, on his social media instigating to escalate the repression of our comrades and their murder. Considering that since they have been under house arrest fascist groups are hovering around their home, this is an added risk to their lives.

As we have been denouncing since their kidnapping in March 2022, not only the reactionary regime in Ukraine is responsible for their situation, but its imperialist allies such as the USA, the EU and NATO are equally responsible for what happens to our comrades. We reiterate our demand for their immediate release and an end to the political persecution. We call upon the anti-imperialist youth all over the world to redouble the struggle to defend the life and freedom of our comrades. Because wherever there is a case of repression, we will not leave them behind. Their repression will not stop our struggle against capitalism in its imperialist stage; to build a world free of exploitation and all kinds of oppression.

Source: World Federation of Democratic Youth

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