Defiance and joy at Baltimore Trans Pride March

SLL photo: Sharon Black

Hundreds of transgender people, other members of the LGBTQ+ community, loved ones, and supporters took to the streets on June 3 for the annual Baltimore Trans Pride March. Despite the grave threats to trans people’s lives and human rights across the U.S., the mood was both defiant and joyful. 

Friends, new and old embraced, families came together to support their trans members, and people proudly waved flags and banners. Neighbors and community members of this majority-Black city lined the sidewalks to cheer on the march.

People gathered at 33rd Street near the Baltimore Museum of Art and Johns Hopkins University campus, then marched down Charles Street to North Avenue, where a festival and street party were held. This neighborhood is home to Baltimore Safe Haven, a housing and wellness center for the city’s trans community, which sponsors the annual event. 

A delegation from Women in Struggle-Mujeres en Lucha, the Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly, and Socialist Unity Party carried banners and distributed hundreds of leaflets for the Oct. 7 National March to Protect Trans Youth in Orlando, Florida. Organizers said there was an enthusiastic response to the call to bring the fight for trans rights to the doorstep of ultra-right Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Melanie, a local trans activist, told Struggle-La Lucha: “Saturday’s Trans Pride March was a wonderful experience. I was surrounded by hundreds of people overflowing with love for each other. I could feel their energy. 

“I’ve gotten used to seeing so many awful, awful political developments and news stories about us lately. Being a part of all this energy and love and acceptance helped reaffirm my vision of a bright future,” she said.

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