Norfolk, VA: NATO Parade of Nations Protest, April 22

SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 2023, AT 9:30 AM
NATO Parade of Nations Protest
Town Point Park, Norfolk, VA

On Saturday, April 22, Norfolk will hold a parade to honor NATO, the North American Treaty Organization, which has its North American command center in the city. We invite you to join us in protesting it.

The wars we should be fighting are the ones here at home against global warming, poverty, racism, homelessness, evictions, attacks on trans people, and for accessible health care. To date, the U.S. government has sent more than $116 BILLION to Ukraine to fight the present war, while making it clear that it has no interest in ceasefires or negotiations. That’s more money than the federal government spends in a year on education. It’s 10 times what it spends on the Environmental Protection Agency.

This is OUR tax money that’s being squandered on a war that benefits no one except the arms manufacturers, while it pushes us closer to a nuclear confrontation that no one can win.

Join us on Earth Day as we peacefully protest the rise of U.S. militarism and the role NATO plays in carrying out acts of aggression around the world.

Join us as we demand, “Fight Poverty, Racism & Global Warming, not NATO’s Wars!”

The event begins at 10 am. Be sure to get there early. There’s some parking in the Freemason district or in one of the nearby city garages. We will set up along the parade route near the review stand. Look for the banner and signs!

For more information contact:

This protest was initiated by the Hampton Roads Coalition for Peace & Planet and has been endorsed by Norfolk Catholic Worker, the Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, and the Odessa Solidarity Campaign.


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