New Orleans: International Workers’ Day – Legalization for All, May 1

Monday, May 1 – 5:00 p.m.

Basin and Conti St. (at the Benito Juárez statue), New Orleans, LA

On May Day,
Show Solidarity with Migrant Workers
Alongside millions of others around the world, we will be in the streets on May 1 to push forward the struggle for workers’ rights.

This May Day, we march especially for the rights of our migrant brothers and sisters here in Louisiana.

Whether on farms or in construction, in the home or in hospitals, clinics, etc., migrant workers carry society on their backs. Yet millions of our migrant siblings suffer from low wages, workplace abuses (including the threat of detention or deportation), and from the denial of basic social benefits like food stamps, housing subsidies, and healthcare coverage. All while they pay billions in taxes every year.

Never content with the billions in profits they get from unpaid labor of workers, the capitalists are ramping up the exploitation and racist scapegoating of our migrant siblings. Biden is moving to revive the policy of caging families in horrific ICE prisons, where immigrants can now be held indefinitely, according to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court. Congress is considering a bill to cut the already criminally low wages of farmworkers. Candidate-for-governor and Attorney General Jeff Landry is threatening immigrant rights groups and trying to whip up anti-immigrant hatred while he rakes in millions from the exploitation of migrant workers.

A united working class fightback is needed to push back the capitalists and their paid-off politicians.

Fight for Workers’ Rights, Demand Legalization for All

#NoOneIsillegal #FreeThemAll #WorkersOfTheWorldUnite #AbolishICE #elpueblounidojamasseravencido #LegalizationForAll #BuildBridgesNotWalls #Not1More

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