Help send a LGBTQ+ delegation to Cuba

Dear friend,

We are asking for your help to send an important LGBTQ+ delegation to Cuba this May to learn about the inclusive new Families Code and the impact of the U.S. blockade.

We’re all aware of the terrible attacks on the LGBTQ+ community in the United States, especially targeting our transgender and Two Spirit siblings. People’s rights to life-saving gender-affirming healthcare, and even to exist in public, are being legislated away in state after state. Queer spaces are besieged by right-wing mobs, including in cities like New York and San Francisco that were considered safe. Truly, we need to revive the spirit of Stonewall.

All the more remarkable, then, is Cuba’s incredible leap forward in LGBTQ+ rights with the passage of its new Families Code last year. Not only same-sex marriage, but equality of queer families before the law, equal standing for chosen families with biological families, parent-child relations based on rights and responsibilities, and mandated education promoting acceptance, support and full rights for all people – all this just 90 miles from Ron DeSantis’s Florida!

Cuba has long been a beacon to the people of the world, despite a grueling 60+-year U.S. blockade. And the LGBTQ+ community in the U.S. is no stranger to the Cuba solidarity movement.

This May a delegation of LGBTQ+ activists from the U.S., organized by Women in Struggle-Mujeres en Lucha, will travel to Cuba for a week of activity to learn about the new Families Code, how it was accomplished, and the detrimental impact of U.S. policies on queer communities and all Cubans. This delegation includes veteran organizers as well as several young people from across the country. Your donation will help ensure that these activists can bring these lessons back to our communities, where they are urgently needed!

To donate: Please DONATE HERE on PayPal or contribute through Venmo@SolidarityCenter. You can also make checks out to Solidarity Center and mail to 703 E. 37th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. Do not write Cuba on checks or on electronic donations! You can use “for trip” in the memo.

Please give generously!

Yours in solidarity,

Bob McCubbin

Bob McCubbin is the author of the ground-breaking 1976 book, ‘The Roots of Lesbian & Gay Oppression—A Marxist View.’ McCubbin’s achievement was to offer a historical analysis of when, where, why and how LGBTQ+ oppression developed. In 2019, Struggle-La Lucha published McCubbin’s ‘Socialist Evolution of Humanity—Marx & Engels were Right!,’ an in-depth study focusing on human social/sexual relations and the changing status of women.

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