Trans rights protest shuts down Hollywood traffic

SLL photo: Maggie Vascassenno

March 31 – Members of the Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice and the Socialist Unity Party joined activities on March 31 in Los Angeles demanding an end to the genocidal attacks against the trans community.

Stating “we want more than visibility,” Tsukuru Fors of Trans Radical Action Network (TRAN) initiated the Trans Day of Vengeance demonstration in Washington on the weekend of Trans Day of Visibility. That call inspired local Trans Day of Vengeance rallies in other cities.

Los Angeles was no exception. Hundreds of people gathered on the corners of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, a very busy shopping and traffic intersection – and shut it down.

The Los Angeles action was organized by @queerxact. Their announcement for the event said: “@queerxact has put together a safe and intentional protest to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility and to remind the world that we do not accept the way the now-47 states proposing unconstitutional legislation are attempting to silence the transgender community. See you in the streets.”

The lively demonstration, with signs of different colors, shapes and sizes, expressed determination to not live in fear, and demanded an end to bigotry, transphobia and homophobia, and the cessation and reversal of anti-trans legislation.

As the crowd swelled at Hollywood and Highland, protesters marched into the intersection, allowing only ambulances and city buses through. Surprisingly, the police – feeling the intensity and determination of the protesters – decided to not interfere with this unpermitted demonstration.

After about a half hour blocking traffic, the procession remained in the streets and marched east towards downtown Los Angeles, where a die-in was staged at the Hollywood Police Department.

Afterward, one of the organizers said on TikTok: There was “no cop interference or injuries. We put on a completely peaceful protest where we shut down Hollywood with our signs. … Republicans were spreading false information that we were calling for violence. But we weren’t – we were calling for vengeance, and we got it.”

SLL photo: John Parker

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