Thousands march against U.S. war drive: People say NO to war with Russia and China

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Thousands of people demonstrated across the United States on March 18 on the 20th anniversary of the second U.S. war against Iraq. Protesters denounced the U.S./NATO war against Donbass and the Russian Federation.

Biden can find over $100 billion for a puppet regime in Ukraine but refuses to stop the cuts in SNAP benefits (food stamps) that will spread hunger to millions. Just as depleted uranium munitions poisoned thousands in Iraq, Biden is now planning to ship the deadly uranium shells to Ukraine.

Over 2,500 people came to the White House to tell President Biden and Congress to stop the war with Russia. They gathered in Lafayette Park, where three years ago Trump ordered a tear gas and pepper spray attack on demonstrators demanding Black Lives Matter!

Demonstrations were also called in other cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Detroit. 

Speakers in Lafayette Park included Eugene Puryear of the ANSWER Coalition, Rev. Annie Chambers of the Peoples Power Assembly, Margaret Kimberley of the Black Alliance for Peace, and Jill Stein of the Green Party.

“I have déjà vu…remembering how we marched 20 years ago to try to stop the invasion of Iraq,” said Margaret Kimberley. Attacking the U.S. wars and occupations of Haiti, Syria, and Yemen, Kimberley declared, “You can’t have human rights when you have a gigantic war machine.”

Rev. Annie Chambers asked: “How can the U.S. government talk about peace and justice when our own people are starving in the streets? When people are being cut off from food stamps and social assistance? And these are the very people they want to go out and fight for them.

“Only a handful of people have control of this country,” said Chambers. “But we have the power to take it back. As a Black Panther, I tell you – we know how to take it back. We’re going to stand up and fight back!”

People marched to the pro-war Washington Post, owned by the union-busting billionaire Jeff Bezos. Marchers then went to the historic New York Avenue Presbyterian Church for a rally. 

People brought hundreds of colorful signs and banners. Balloons were carried that mocked the pro-war freezy against the People’s Republic of China. Coffins were held bearing the flags of countries that the U.S. has invaded.

Initiated by the ANSWER coalition, the action was endorsed by over 300 organizations and individuals, including the United National Antiwar Coalition, Black Alliance for Peace, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, The People’s Forum, Peoples Power Assembly, Socialist Unity Party, and CODEPINK.

The anti-war movement is back!

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