USC bus drivers want a union

University of Southern California shuttle bus drivers have petitioned for a union election which is now scheduled for March 23. Graduate students at USC won union representation within weeks of the successful strike by their UCLA counterparts. USC’s shuttle drivers are now gearing up to make it a trifecta.

SEIU organizer Felipe Caceres pointed out that “historically, USC has spent millions on union-busting firms and consultants” and has already begun a campaign of lies to derail the union drive.

But momentum is on the side of the workers! At a Feb. 28 rally, drivers marched across campus joined by students and faculty supporters chanting “Sí, se puede” and “What do we want? Justice!” The decision to push for unionization was nearly unanimous.

The drivers earn lower wages when compared to other area shuttle bus drivers, such as LAX airport drivers and shuttle bus drivers at UCLA, and both of those workforces are unionized. Union drivers can also negotiate for bonuses. In Riverside, California, minibus drivers are represented by SEIU Local 721 and won a $10,000 bonus in 2022.

Wages aren’t the only issue. Without union representation in California, all workers are considered “at-will.” That means they can be fired without the bosses having to justify it in any way – at any time.

Being in a union solves that problem!

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