Israeli occupation forces kill three more Palestinians in fresh raids near Jenin

Photo: Wafa

Continuing their murderous spree in the occupied Palestinian territories, Israeli occupation forces killed three more Palestinians early on Thursday, March 9, in the town of Jaba near Jenin in the West Bank, Palestinian news agency Wafa reported.

According to reports, the occupation forces stormed Jaba in scores of vehicles and raided various Palestinian houses in the locality. During their raid, they fired at a car standing near the entrance of the town, killing all its occupants.

The three persons killed were identified as Ismail Fakhoury (26), Nayef Malayshah (25), and Ahmad Fashafsha (22).

Israeli occupation forces also arrested one Palestinian from the town.

Meanwhile, also on Thursday, 14-year-old Waleed Nassar succumbed to the injuries he had suffered during a raid by the Israeli forces at the Jenin refugee camp on Tuesday. His death raised the total number of Palestinians killed as a consequence of Tuesday’s raid to seven.

Six Palestinians were killed and 26 others were wounded on Tuesday after they resisted Israeli occupation forces who stormed the camp and reportedly fired a missile at one Palestinian home.

Israeli forces have claimed that the seven people killed on Tuesday included the individual who had killed two Israeli settlers last week in Huwara, near Nablus.

Palestinians in the West Bank observed a day of strike against the killings in Jenin on Tuesday. Thousands took part in the funeral procession of those killed.

Angry Palestinians briefly refused to bury the bodies of some of those killed in the Jenin raids, which led to clashes with the security forces. There were several reports of illegal Israeli settlers attacking Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem on Wednesday.

With these deaths, the total number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli security forces since the beginning of the year has reached 78, including 14 children. Israel’s extremist government led by Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to heed to calls for de-escalation issued by the UN and several other countries.

Reacting to the Israeli violence, Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, chief of the Arab League, called on the UN Security Council to adopt a fresh resolution as per chapter VII of the UN charter to provide protection to Palestinians against continued Israeli aggression.

Source: Peoples Dispatch.

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