New York City: International U.S.-Cuba Normalization Conference – March 11-12

In person at the Fordham University School of Law and live streamed on Zoom throughout the US, Canada and the world!

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The International Cuba Conference will take place during the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (formerly International Women’s Month) — CSW67 — activities. This UN-sponsored annual event will include a delegation of Cuban representatives and leaders, organized by the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), who will be able to participate in the International Conference.

We call on the broad opposition to the US economic sanctions and political bellicosity against Cuba, deepened under the Trump and Biden Administrations, to endorse this Call in a spirit of unity and struggle around the following demands:

  • Take Cuba off Washington’s List of State-Sponsors of Terrorism!
  • End the US Blockade of Cuba!
  • End All US Anti-Cuba Economic and Travel Sanctions!

Our purpose will be to educate, organize, and mobilize against Washington’s brutal and criminal economic and political war against Cuba: to boost local anti-blockade coalitions; to organize solidarity aid and travel to Cuba; to expand and increase participation in monthly Caravans against the blockade inspired by Puentes de Amor; and to organize for the passage of more Resolutions against the blockade adding to the growing list of legislative, labor, and other institutional bodies going on record against US anti-Cuba sanctions and for US-Cuba normalization.

This work, and future projected actions to fight the criminal US blockade, will be registered in the plenaries, workshops, and public activities for the Conference weekend!

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9am Eastern
In person registration. Film showings, exhibits and information tables.

12pm Eastern/9am Pacific
Opening Plenary – Fighting the US Anti-Cuba Blockade in 2023!
Live Cuban speakers from the Federation of Cuban Women and the Cuban Mission to the UN + leading academics and political figures

2pm Eastern/11am Pacific
Four concurrent workshops on Cuba’s achievements, problems due to the blockade, and how to build solidarity among: young people, workers/labor, women, the African diaspora

4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific
Three concurrent workshops on solidarity actions: travel to Cuba, street/public protests, working with elected officials

7:30pm Eastern (Doors)

8-9:30pm Eastern (Program Begins)

Public Rally Against the U.S. Blockade on Cuba!
Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Education Center
3940 Broadway @ 165th Street, Manhattan, NYC

11am Eastern/8am Pacific
Closing plenary – Developing plans of solidarity action for 2023

Let’s educate, organize, and mobilize against Washington’s brutal and criminal economic and political war against Cuba!

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