New Orleans: Stop Racist Candidate-for-Governor Landry, Feb. 12

Press Conference: Stop Racist Candidate-for-Governor Landry
Roosevelt Hotel (New Orleans)

Landry, on behalf of his corporate donors and secret political PACS, filed lawsuits to make Louisiana workers poor and deny us our rights.

Landry has used his office to oppose a higher minimum wage, expansion of Medicaid, and workers safety. He opposes rent control, sick leave, and union rights.

Landry is a white supremacist who opposes voting rights and civil rights laws. He’s for racist electoral districting and mass incarceration. He is for running schools for profit and censoring Black history in classrooms.

Landry hates women and has led the charge against abortion access, birth control, maternal health care to impoverish and control women’s lives to enhance corporate profits.

Landry personally profits from oil and gas and receives funds from oil companies. He opposes measures to reverse climate change and protect our children’s futures. Landry criminalizes environmental protests by jailing the people on behalf of his bosses, the polluters.

Landry brutally imprisons immigrants, including children, while pushing to expand the super-exploitation of their labor. Immigrants’ rights raise citizens’ wages.

Landry is creating hate and violence against LGBTQ people, our family members and coworkers, scapegoating them to turn attention away from himself, the legislature, and the obscenely rich who are the real enemy of the people.

Join us in saying NO to Landry and his gang of bigoted thieves

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