New Orleans, March 5: International Working Women’s Day Emergency March

SUNDAY, MARCH 5, 2023 AT 4 PM – 7 PM EST
International Working Women’s Day Emergency March
Elk and Canal, New Orleans

Stand Up Against

  • Abortion Bans = 62% higher maternal death rates, increased poverty, and job loss. Capitalists push bans to control women while impoverishing families.
  • 1.2 million Louisianans face cuts to SNAP in March & Medicaid in April­.
  • Cuts to Child & Dependent Tax Credit from $8,000 to $2,100.
  • Rising evictions in New Orleans are double the national average .
  • 65% of U.S. budget goes to war profiteers.

Working Class Women Fight Back

For ourselves, our families, and all working class people and communities. Join us.

To boost their profits, the capitalists who control the bought-off Congress and the Louisiana Legislature plan to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Section 8, workers’ safety, union rights, SNAP, and environmental protections. While the billionaire owners of oil, gas, and military corporations get rich from war and high prices, they want us to starve. The Mayor and City Council are spending most of the city budget on cops and prisons and giving millions in taxes and exemptions to private corporations and developers. At the same time, rents and utility bills soar. We need a movement to unite and push them back.

We are fighting for

  • The Right to Abortion, Contraception, Maternal Health Care
  • Rent Control, Expanding Section 8, Stopping Gentrification
  • Free Quality Childcare & Education
  • Opportunities for Youth, Not Incarceration
  • Sick Leave, Vacation Pay for Hospitality & All Workers
  • Ending $1 Trillion US War Budget, Stop US/NATO War in Ukraine
  • Saying No to Racism
  • Stopping the Scapegoating of Immigrants
  • Stopping Attacks on LGBTQ People

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