Peruvians protest against U.S. embassy in Lima

Social movements from across Peru are protesting outside the U.S. embassy in Lima to condemn the U.S. role in the coup against Pedro Castillo. The main chant from protesters is, “Yanqui murderers, get out of Peru!”

“We’re here because we love our country (..) that’s why we’re here outside the U.S. embassy because we know that it was through the U.S. embassy that Dina Boluarte and [Prime Minister] Otarola made deals to be protected by that country,” said one protester from the Sandia province, Puno.

“The U.S. embassy has always tried to control us (..) we’ve had enough of being dominated by the U.S., we want to be a free country, a free Peru, with sovereignty. We mustn’t surrender, this mobilization is in defense of our natural resources, to close congress, the resignation of Dina Boluarte, a new constitution, general elections”, said another protester to Radio Pachamama.

The general strike in Peru, against the coup regime of Dina Boluarte, has been raging since January 4th, but protests have been ongoing since December 2022. In that time, Peru’s coup regime has killed more than 60 protesters.

Almost immediately after the coup against Pedro Castillo, the U.S. ambassador in Peru announced an $8 million grant to the regime, supposedly to fight drug trafficking. Her previous jobs include nine years at the CIA, senior adviser to Mike Pompeo, political adviser at the Pentagon, director of the State Department’s Iraq office, and Deputy Director of the Iraq political office.

Source: Kawsachun News

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