Honor Dr. King: Protest to End Food Apartheid in Baltimore, Jan. 16

MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2023 AT 2 PM – 3 PM
Honor Dr. King Protest to End Food Apartheid in Baltimore
Gay and Fayette Streets, Baltimore


Residents in four major communities in Baltimore have been actively countering food deserts. Each community has suffered major supermarket closings and or curtailing community efforts to feed people directly through gardens or other means. Of course, the problem of affordable, healthy food is not confined to these four areas — and we welcome every community.

These include: Pigtown/Washington Village; Sandtown-Matthew Henson – West Harlem Park – Bridgeview GreenLawn – Midtown Edmondson; Cherry Hill; and Oliver – Broadway/East – Johnson Square

The following demands are for discussion and are evolving based on community input. Let us know — Sign up and attend the Dr. King Jr. Rally on Monday, January 16, gathering 2 pm across from City Hall at Gay & Fayette Sts.

  • Create Opportunity Zones for these 4 areas — if Under Armour can receive “opportunity zone” status and downtown businesses can receive financial benefits, why not Baltimore’s neighborhoods.
  • Federal, State and City subsidized Markets.
  • Community control of vacant lots for people’s gardens.
  • Rollback food prices — lower requirements to extend food stamp programs especially for seniors & low wage workers.
  • Provide special transportation for seniors, youth, disabled & poor residents or arrange delivery of food.
  • Train and hire residents from each affected area for union jobs.
  • Protect and guarantee union rights for all workers in subsidized supermarkets.
  • Form Community Action Committees in each area.
  • Create a Citywide Commission made up of representatives from affected communities to determine action.
  • Mayor & City Council call for national aid – Feed the people, not the Pentagon.

Initiated by: Peoples Power Assembly; Matthew Henson Neighborhood Association; Unemployed Workers Union

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