Proud Boys get out of Jackson Heights! Defend Drag Story Hours!

SLL photos: Stephen Millies

Dec. 29 ― At least 400 people turned out this afternoon in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, New York, to say no to transphobia and all forms of bigotry. 

They were guarding the Drag Story Hour being held at the local library on 81st Street. Across the street were 30 bigots who sought to harass parents and children.

Among them were members of the fascist Proud Boys. The bigots were protected by dozens of cops.

Chants and drums drowned out the haters. “Drag the transphobia away” and “We support Drag Story Tellers” were among the signs that people carried. Transgender and rainbow flags were proudly flown. 

Children and their parents waved from the second floor of the library to their defenders. The Story Hour was held successfully. 

Fascists have targeted Drag Story Hours and anyone defending trans people. The week before, the home and office of gay City Councilperson Eric Bottcher were attacked in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

Both Chelsea and Jackson Heights have large LGBTQ2S communities. Three blocks away―near 37th Avenue and 78th Street―Julio Rivera, a gay Puerto Rican man, was murdered in 1990 by skinheads.

Julio Rivera will not be forgotten. The Proud Boys will not be allowed to terrorize the people.

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