Super bigot Tucker Carlson is our enemy, not an ally

Tucker Carlson spews hate like a flamethrower on Fox News five nights a week. He told millions of viewers that the Black Lives Matter movement is “poison.”

Carlson hates the anti-racist movement that brought 26 million people into the streets. Yet he praised the fascist mob that was allowed to break into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, by the Pentagon.

The whole world saw Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin keep his knee on George Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, killing the Black man. Tucker Carlson claimed that Chauvin didn’t commit murder and lamented his conviction. 

The multi-millionaire says immigrants make the United States “dirtier.” Carlson targets transgender people and said that hospitals should expect attacks for offering gender-affirming care.

Could Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels do a better job of injecting bigotry into millions? Carlson gets paid at least $10 million a year for being the number-one hatemonger in the United States. 

So why are some individuals who’ve been in anti-war movements and supported other progressive causes praising Carlson? On his Dec. 16 broadcast, Carlson said that a source told him that the CIA had a hand in President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. 

JFK was murdered in a coup d’état whose planners sought to invade Cuba and possibly launch a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union. Lyndon Johnson’s massive escalation of the U.S. war against Vietnam and Laos became the consolation prize for the military-industrial complex.

What are Carlson’s motives for telling a little bit of truth, even if it’s 59 years old? It’s part of Carlson’s―and Trump’s―phony campaign against the so-called deep state.

The deep state is the real state of cops, prisons, bombs, and missiles that keep the capitalist class in power. One of the directors of this organized violence against poor people worldwide was retired Gen. Michael Flynn.

He’s the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and Trump’s first national security advisor. That doesn’t prevent Flynn from attacking the “deep state” and being welcomed onto Tucker Carlson’s television show. 

It was Flynn’s brother, Gen. Charles Flynn, who helped delay sending troops to the U.S. capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, fascist riot.

Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump and the Flynn brothers don’t want to get rid of the deep state. They want to take it over.

The new George Wallace

Tucker Carlson is a member of the ruling class whose family fortune comes from Swanson TV dinners. 

Carlson’s job is to appeal to a much broader section of the population. To do so he wants to appear as a “rebel.” Former Alabama Gov. George Wallace did the same in the 1960s and 1970s.

Wallace’s presidential campaigns were fascist mobilizations, especially in 1968. Howling white mobs filled arenas across the U.S. in response to the Black liberation movement. The teenaged Mumia Abu-Jamal was beaten up at a Wallace rally while a Philadelphia cop looked on.

George Wallace attacked the “pointy-heads” and “pseudo-intellectuals” in the “eastern establishment.” Meanwhile people in Alabama had to pay sales tax on bread.

Wallace and other state officials made pilgrimages to Wall Street to beg the banksters to buy Alabama’s state bonds. Behind the Alabama state troopers who clubbed future Congressperson John Lewis and other protesters in Selma demanding voting rights was U.S. Steel, whose mills dominated the Birmingham area.

Carlson and Trump attack the most vulnerable people in U.S. society. Poor people are made scapegoats for a decaying capitalist society with declining wages and continual war. Carlson’s audience includes those owning small businesses which are being destroyed by Amazon and Walmart.

Carlson tells them that they’re being replaced by immigrants from Africa, Asia and Latin America. If Tucker Carlson does attack a billionaire, the rich scoundrel will likely be Jewish.

At the same time, Carlson and his guests regularly attack Muslims.

No anti-war movement without anti-racism

Right now, the most visible opposition to the U.S./NATO war against the Russian Federation comes from racists like Tucker Carlson and the Republicans in Congress. That’s a big problem.

To millions of people, these bigots are their worst enemy. It dulls anti-war sentiments.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. declared that “the bombs in Vietnam explode at home.” More than $100 billion have been stolen from people’s needs to pay for bombs and missiles exploding in Ukraine.

The Pentagon budget has ballooned to $845 billion while 40% of hungry families in New York City suffer delays in getting SNAP benefits, also known as food stamps.

Virtually the only opposition to this war drive shown by the capitalist media is of characters like Donald Trump Jr. He called Ukrainian president and U.S. stooge Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “welfare queen.”

Trump Junior’s use of this racist term was deliberate. He wants to build a fascist movement and is willing to appear anti-war to do it. British fascist Tommy Robinson also wants to be seen as an opponent to the war in Ukraine.

The late Nazi leader William Pierce ― author of “The Turner Diaries” ― called for U.S. troops to be withdrawn from Iraq and be used against immigrants instead.

This isn’t a new problem. The media made the U.S. senator from Arkansas, William Fulbright, an early symbol of opposition to the Vietnam War. Fulbright was a white supremacist who was chair of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee.

The committee’s hearings in January and February of 1966 were a sign of the split in the ruling class over the Vietnam War. But racist Fulbright’s opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act made President Lyndon Johnson look good.

Dearborn, Michigan, Mayor Orville Hubbard ― who spewed racist epithets and kept Black people out of the Detroit suburb ― even held a 1966 local referendum on the Vietnam war.

In reality, the Black liberation movement was the most powerful assistance given to the Vietnamese liberation struggle.

An anti-war movement has to be opposed to both the Biden administration and its more openly bigoted opponents. To do so, we need to build the Jan. 13-22 actions against the war―held during the week commemorating Dr. King’s birthday―as big as we can.

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