New Orleans: Eyewitness Report – US/NATO Out of Ukraine! Jan. 21

SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2023, AT 2:30 PM
Eyewitness Ukraine – US/NATO Out of Ukraine!
New Orleans Public Library – Nora Navra Branch

Event by Workers Voice Socialist Movement

We were lied to about Iraq, about Vietnam, about Libya… We’re being lied to about Ukraine. We deserve to know the truth.

Louisianans are suffering as the owners of oil and gas companies, war-profiteering corporations, and banks rake in billions from another bloody war for profit.

Join Workers Voice Socialist Movement for a forum at the Nora Navra Library on Saturday, January 21, to learn the truth about the war in Ukraine. Hear from John Parker who has visited Ukraine and seen what is truly going on. A member of Socialist Unity Party, founder of the Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice, California Senate Candidate for the Peace & Freedom Party, and a member of Black Alliance for Peace, John has been organizing against imperialist war for decades.

Fight for healthcare, housing, and higher wages; fight to end all US economic and military wars for profit. Join us:

Eyewitness Ukraine – US/NATO Out of Ukraine
Saturday, January 21, 2:30 PM
Nora Navra Library
1902 St. Bernard Ave.
New Orleans, LA

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