Hands off President Pedro Castillo of Peru!

The Socialist Unity Party condemns the coup d’etat orchestrated on Dec. 7, 2022, by the ruling elites of Peru with the backing of the U.S.-dominated Organization of American States (OAS) and the U.S. State Department. On that date, President Pedro Castillo Terrones was ousted, jailed and replaced by Dina Boluarte.  

President Castillo, a rural school teacher and leftist strike leader, was clearly sabotaged and undermined by the Peruvian oligarchy, the far-right parties in Peru’s Congress, and the U.S.  

We demand an immediate end to the brutal violence against the people’s movement of Peru, which is demanding the release and return of President Castillo and the establishment of a constituent assembly to restructure the economy in favor of the workers, peasants, Indigenous people and poor. The right-wing neoliberal Alberto Fujimori imposed the current constitution on the Peruvian people in 1993. 

As of Dec.18, 25 people have been killed and hundreds injured by the military and police, who are attempting to stop the massive protests that erupted after the coup.

The Socialist Unity Party demands respect for the self-determination and sovereignty of the people of Peru and an end to the violence by the authorities of the Boluarte regime.  

End covert and overt intervention by U.S. imperialism! Defend the genuine democratic rights of the poor, working class and Indigenous peoples of Peru! Hands off President Pedro Castillo!

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