Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – December 19, 2022

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  • ‘ Challenge the U.S. justifications for this war’
  • Food deserts: Grocery giant shuts down in southwest Baltimore
  • Baltimore City escalates racist attack on squeegee workers and Black youth
  • To hell with the railroad barons: The railroads belong to the people!
  • New York City in solidarity with railroad workers
  • Baltimore supports railroad workers’ right to paid sick leave
  • Fight to free Mumia Abu-Jamal continues
  • U.N. rights group files brief about systemic racism in Mumia Abu-Jamal’s case
  • 48,000 student-workers in California strike for their rights
  • Report from Honduras on the new government of Libre Party leader Xiomara Castro
  • The U.S. egged on the coup in Peru
  • Zero COVID: Don’t be deceived by U.S. reports on the protests in China
  • U.S. sanctions Haiti
  • 75 years after partition, U.S. guns and dollars still murder Palestinians
  • Uncertainty in Peru as the people remain in the streets
  • Miami hearing continues for illegally jailed Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab
  • Cluster bombs: Biden considers sending banned weapons to Ukraine
  • ¿Derechos Humanos en una colonia?

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