December 12th Movement International Secretariat celebrates 35 years in the struggle

The Reggie Woods Band. Photo: Afro Jeffrey Antoine

In the People’s Republic of Brooklyn, well-wishers and comrades came out to honor one of the premier movements for self-reliance, self-determination, liberation, reparations, and many of the struggles for Black people in America and in the African Diaspora at The SkyLight Gallery in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

The D12 Movement is a Black human rights organization founded in 1987 on Dec. 12  by five Black Power movement mavericks, Elombe Brath, Sonny Abubadika Carson, Coltrane Chimurenga, and Father Lawrence Lucas, who all returned to the realm of the ancestors, and currently, the longtime Chairperson Viola Plummer, affectionately known as the modern day Mother of the Revolution.

To rousing applause, respect and admiration, Sister Viola spoke of the crucial work they had done over the years. She acknowledged with great love the supporters of over three decades and the standing-room-only attendees at the packed event. After regaling the audience with the  D12 history, she said, “The struggle is about freedom.”

“It is a blessing to be here tonight in honor of the great works that D12 has done over the years,” stated Newark activist and Chairperson of WISOMM (Women In Support of the Million Man March) Frederica Bey. “D12 has been fighting to lift the sanctions on Zimbabwe for a long time. I remember when I was over there in Africa with them, it lifted my spirits to see a country ran by all Africans [Blacks],” she recalled.

The December 12th Movement and secretariat is also a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has sat on panels at the United Nations and in Durban, South Africa, to address political and economical redress, particularly in the form of reparations for the atrocities from the Trans-Atlantic holocaust of slavery.

D12 and its members have been on the frontline to close crack houses, fight to free political prisoners, and remember Minister Malcolm X on the Annual Shut ‘Em Down marches in Harlem. They were also the organizers of the Millions March in Harlem and the Millions Youth March alongside the late Dr. Khalid Muhammad, also in Harlem, N.Y. And led the call for reparations in Washington, D.C., Millions for Reparations Rally.

Comrades from far and near came out to support the movement from Cuba, Africa, New York, and New Jersey, and from a cross-spectrum of clergy, elected officials, activists, and musicians. Minister Akbar Muhammad, International Representative of Min. Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, called in to honor his long-time comrade and extend congratulatory greetings from the minister.

“We will always speak fondly of my friend Viola Plummer and its members for their work in the National Black United Front with Reverend Herbert Daughtry, and whether it’s fighting to lift sanctions on Cuba, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe, they have been there on the frontline,” stated Councilman Charles Barron. “Even when it comes to electoral politics, Sister Viola and D12 are the reason why we won.

“D12 has been the most consistent revolutionary organization that we ever had,” Barron went on to say. “So when we honor D12, we are honoring the best!”

Another longtime friend, activist, and radio personality Bob Law, who also hosted the 35th Anniversary Celebration, said, “Viola Plummer and D12 is a community-based organization that is committed to the best interests of the community. Over the many decades that they have worked in the community, they have stayed committed not only to our people on the African continent but they are also committed to the welfare of the Black community here in America. “They were part of the leadership to bring justice to Tawana Brawley, Yusef Hawkins, and many other struggles, so they built a legacy to leave behind.”

He added, “I’ve known Viola Plummer for over 40 years, from the days of my Respect Yourself Youth Crusade to the Collective to the forming of D12 with Father Lucas, Coltrane, Elombe, Sonny and Viola, and they always been consistent and leaders with integrity.”

The celebration was filled with musical interludes from The Reggie Woods band led by musical director Ahmad Abdullah.

Source: Amsterdam News

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