Corona, Queens (NYC), says yes to Cuba

SLL photo: Stephen Millies

Sept. 25 — A rally in Corona Plaza, Queens, New York, today protested the inhuman U.S. economic blockade of Cuba. As the No. 7 elevated train rumbled overhead, speakers pointed out how the U.S. blockade also hurts poor and working people in the U.S.

Jason Corley chaired the Sunday afternoon rally called by the New York-New Jersey Cuba Sí Coalition. The coalition is gearing up for the annual United Nations vote against U.S. sanctions on Cuba, which will be taking place in October.

Last year’s vote was 184 countries against the blockade compared to just two votes in favor.

Speakers mentioned the referendum on Cuba’s new family code, which was taking place the same day. These laws will help protect LGBTQ2S people, as well as all women and youth.

There was also a short march through Corona, a poor working-class neighborhood with many immigrants. Estela Vazquez, Executive Vice President at 1199 SEIU, a health care workers union, said the community was hard hit by COVID-19.

One out of every 168 people died of the coronavirus in Corona, Queens. Despite the U.S. blockade, socialist Cuba has been able to contain the pandemic with its own vaccines.

Other speakers at the rally included Bill Sacks from the Venceremos Brigade; Camilo from the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party; and Samar from the Palestine Youth Movement.

U.S. hands off Cuba!

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