Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – August 29, 2022

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  • Largest arms transfer in history: Biden escalates U.S. proxy war in Ukraine
  • Why does Washington prefer war drive over negotiating Brittany Griner’s release?
  • Support squeegee workers: Self-defense against racism is not murder
  • Hands off African People’s Socialist Party & all those targeted by bogus FBI indictments!
  • Brooklyn, N.Y.: Resistance and reparations!
  • Struggle for trans rights and socialism go hand in hand
  • Immigrants on front lines of reproductive and bodily autonomy
  • A day of solidarity with prisoners and formerly incarcerated people
  • How can we respond to U.S. crisis and threat of world war?
  • High prices, low pay: A Marxist analysis of inflation
  • Ukraine and Russia without the lens of Facebook & corporate media
  • Donetsk besieged by U.S. proxy war
  • Pelosi’s Taiwan provocation: No U.S. war on China!
  • A year later, Washington continues torture of Afghanistan
  • Greenland melts, billionaires profit
  • Puerto Rico: ¡FBI entrega a activistas solidarios con Cuba!
  • Puerto Rico: FBI hands off Cuba solidarity activists!

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