Did you know? Greenland melts, billionaires profit

Did you know?

While the ice in Greenland is melting at an alarming rate, billionaires are figuring out how to make a profit out of this disaster.

Global warming is exposing precious minerals that were locked under previously permanent layers of ice. But Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates, so-called climate-conscious billionaires, aren’t crying — they are busy trying to figure out how to profit from what could be a bonanza for capitalists.

The hunt is already on for minerals like nickel, cobalt, copper, gold and zinc, believed to now be easily accessible to mining equipment and transport ships, according to a CNN report

Kobold Metals, a California startup that counts Gates and Bezos as investors, has been very quiet about its activities. Profiting off of melting Greenland isn’t a very good look.

Doesn’t look like “green” capitalist billionaires are the solution.

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