Philippines: Reject the Marcos-Duterte regime!

Thousands protest Bong Bong Marcos’ state of the Union address in Manila, July 24. Banner says: End the Crisis! Fight for land, wages, employment & rights.

The July 24 rally in front of the Philippines mission to the U.N. in New York was closed by Nina Macapinlac representing Bayan USA. Following is a full transcript:

Nina Macapinlac

Warm & militant greetings!

My name is Nina Macapinlac, speaking on behalf of BAYAN USA. We, alongside millions of Filipinos in the Philippines and around the world, are here today to reject the Marcos-Duterte regime! We call for the strengthening of the peoples movement to end the economic crisis and fight for genuine change in the Philippines!

In a few hours, BBM [a nickname for “Bong Bong” Marcos -ed.] will give his first State of the Nation Address. The Philippine National Police tried to mandate a no-rally policy and illegally deny BAYAN a permit for their Peoples State of the Nation rally. Through much pressure, this was overturned by the city mayor and BAYAN will be able to hold its Peoples State of the Nation Address rally. This is a small but major victory. While 22k cops are getting ready to protect Bong Bong Marcos so that he can spout lies, the mass movement asserted and will continue to assert our rights in order to tell the truth on what is really happening in the Philippines!

So while kasamas take Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, we are also out here in the streets of New York City! In Chicago, in California, in Hawaii, in Texas! In Hong Kong, UK, Australia and more. We are part of an international movement! Filipinos everywhere and the international community are marching in step to demand genuine democracy in the Philippines and push forward the Peoples Agenda!

This year is the 50th anniversary of martial law under Marcos Sr. and the Marcos family is back in Malacañang Palace. Let that sink in. It has been half a century since martial law enabled a dictatorship and that dictator’s son is back in power. Upsetting, painful, ironic. There are so many words that can be used to describe how this political moment feels.

But let us remember that we are not helpless in a time loop. There are material reasons as to how we got to this moment. The Marcos family’s decades-long disinformation campaign was made possible by the alliances they forged with other political dynasties and reactionaries, enabled by a rotten political system that treats government as a business.

To top it off, Marcos Junior is coming to New York City in September for the U.N. General Assembly — the same time as the martial law anniversary. He is coming despite a $353 million contempt order because the State Department & Biden think it’s okay to let him enter the country because they need the Philippines to uphold U.S. geopolitical interests in Asia to isolate China. Sara Duterte is also tagging along to talk about education, to come here to talk to the international community on what it means to have a good education system for their people.

Will we let Marcos & Duterte have a good time here in New York City? No!

Will we allow Biden to legitimize these fascists to the international community?

Will we give Marcos & Duterte all hell when they get here? Yes!

As someone said, well actually it was Ate Carolina, we are wearing white today because we cannot mourn forever. We must move on and fight for genuine democracy for Inang Bayan.

So let us do that by ramping up our campaign against Marcos-Duterte! Let us build up to September, to the week of September 13 when the U.N. General Assembly is meeting, culminating on September 21st, the 50th anniversary of martial law! Let us make sure that Marcos knows he is not welcome in the Northeast! Repeat after me –


So comrades, let us draw strength and inspiration from each other, from the masses, from our siblings who are fighting fascism and imperialist crisis around the world. From El Salvador to Puerto Rico to Sri Lanka to Palestine, we are not alone in this struggle as Filipino people!

Let us lean on each other for community and solidarity! Let us organize tirelessly and build fighting mass organizations! And let us build our mass movements until the Philippines is free and all our people are free!

Manila, July 24.

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