New Orleans fighters for abortion rights close down Canal St. and Loyola Ave., vow to build mass movement

Activists shutting down the streets for abortion rights. Click for Fox 8 video.

More than 150 people took the fight to restore abortion rights to the streets of New Orleans July 8. We rallied outside the courthouse to send a message to the oil industry-puppet AG Landry and his millionaire cronies: we will not let them go forward with their war on women, trans people, and all workers. We shut down both Canal St. and Loyola Ave. to tell them we’re done with business as usual.

As well as the fight for abortion rights, protesters also called for justice for Jayland Walker and Ronald Greene, murdered by racist police in Ohio and Louisiana, and for an end to attacks on LGBTQ people, immigrants, and other attacks on workers.

To no surprise, the billionaire-funded right-wing used the courts to overrule the will of the people and overturn the temporary injunction that was keeping Louisiana’s 3 clinics open. The judge moved the hearing to Baton Rouge, so AG Landry could shop for a judge as sexist, racist, and anti-worker as he is. But we are sending Landry and company notice: your legal tricks are no match for the power of an organized militant movement fighting for our lives. We are committed to building this movement.

Alongside others across the country, we have taken a step forward in the growing movement to push back the right wing and win back abortion rights and more. Dozens of protesters signed up to join the newly formed Louisiana Abortion Rights Action Committee. To get involved in organizing what’s next, email us here.

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