After Roe: From rage to revolution

Baltimore Trans Pride Festival, June 4. SLL photo

As the parent of two young African American women, I’m outraged that their futures have been put in jeopardy by the attack on reproductive rights and civil rights.

As a trans woman, I’m outraged that my very right to exist, obtain medical treatment and participate in society is threatened by armed fascist gangs and capitalist politicians alike.

No doubt you are outraged as well.

Let your rage radicalize you. But more, let it revolutionize you. 

Join the Socialist Unity Party or another organization dedicated to fighting to end the capitalist system of oppression. We are stronger when we work together to build resistance. Together our work is more effective and far-reaching, and we have the confidence that comes with knowing that we have each other’s backs. 

The billionaires, the coup-makers in the Supreme Court and state houses, the police and Pentagon overlords, and their Nazi agents have shown us their true faces. Their white supremacist, patriarchal, profiteering system is in deep crisis, and they will do ANYTHING to prevent workers from uniting and fighting back. 

They no longer hesitate to strip people of their basic human rights and unleash murderous bigots against peaceful communities and individuals. We must teach them to fear the power of the working class again.

We must face this painful reality soberly, without illusions. But we can face it with the courage and confidence that comes from knowing that it is workers who make this society run. And together, united in defense of our rights, we can SHUT IT DOWN. 

We outnumber them by the millions. Organized, with clear political goals, we can slam the door closed on the coup-makers and send the fascist scum fleeing. 

We are not defeated. The battle has just begun. The first step toward victory is to recognize that each of us must do our part.

Strikes, occupations, civil disobedience, self-defense and other forms of organized resistance require time, efforts and resources to plan and organize. They require cooperation and coordination. We must begin today.

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