John Parker’s U.S. Senate campaign declares success

John Parker (center) speaks with visitors to the Socialist Unity Party table at the People’s Summit in Los Angeles. SLL photo: Maggie Vascassenno

Los Angeles — With 94% of the vote tallied, John Parker for U.S. Senate won over 97,600 votes in the California primaries on June 7. Campaign workers and the candidate declared this a major victory. 

Parker ran openly as a socialist on the Peace and Freedom Party ballot, representing the Socialist Unity Party.

Election results are still being tallied. June 14 is the last day for mail-in ballots to be counted, and voting results will be certified on July 15.

At this writing, Parker is listed in 8th place among 23 candidates. The top two candidates compete in November’s general election.

Supporters of John Parker’s campaign were elated that so many voters chose to support a revolutionary socialist. This despite the fact that Parker interrupted his campaign for over two weeks for an urgent anti-war fact-finding trip to Donbass and Russia, which made the results all the more outstanding.  

Campaign organizer Maggie Vascassenno explained: “We were worried on two levels: first for John’s safety at the front line in Lugansk; and second that he took time away from vital local campaign work to travel to Donbass and Russia. But he insisted on the importance of being able to bring back the truth of what was taking place in the U.S./NATO proxy war in Ukraine.”

John Parker stated: “The issues in California, such as runaway inflation, evictions and homelessness, the outrageous cost of gas and food, even racism and police terror, are linked to the war. The Biden administration is spending $80 billion to continue the destruction abroad while people are suffering here at home.

“What I was able to see with my own eyes and document is the role of fascists and neo-Nazis in the U.S./NATO war against the people of the Donbass region. Nazi propaganda is being proliferated by the fascist forces in Ukraine. 

“The Azov Battallion’s symbol of the black sun was also used by the racist Buffalo shooter, who said that his inspiration came from a person in New Zealand who was in touch with those forces in Ukraine. This is what the imperialist West is propping up in a war not only against the people in Donbass but also aimed at Russia and then China,” proclaimed Parker.

Campaign organizers continue to meet with groups and individuals who were inspired by the campaign. Parker and the Socialist Unity Party plan a national speaking tour about his trip this summer and fall. 

The campaign still needs your support and donations to cover campaign costs and the upcoming speaking tour. Readers can contribute here:



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