Clarence Thomas speaks in NYC – ‘Mobilizing in Our Own Name: Million Worker March’

Clarence Thomas and event host Miranda
Bachman at The People’s Forum.

This May, Clarence Thomas, a retired member of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union Local 10 in San Francisco, is touring the East Coast to broadcast his book’s claim: “It is the time to advance our own demands, and to proclaim a political agenda in our own vital interests.”

Thomas talked about the struggle that culminated in the Million Worker March (MWM) at the Lincoln Memorial in 2004 and about the struggles tackled by the MWM movement in the years that have followed.

All of this is covered in his anthology “Mobilizing in Our own Name.”

Thomas first spoke at the Al-Awda Conference on May 6.

On May 11 he spoke at The People’s Forum, joined by key organizers of the MWM: Brenda Stokely, Larry Holmes, Johnnie Stevens and Sharon Black. Gloria Verdieu, an editor of the book, started the panel discussion.

Thomas spoke at the Teamster Joint Council 16 in Flushing on May 14, invited by Local 808 Principal Officer and MWM organizer Chris Silvera.

His final meeting in the metropolitian area occured on May 21, led by the vice chair of Transport Worker Union Local 100; president of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionist New York chapter, and MWM organizer Charles Jenkins.

In between the meetings, Thomas spoke several times on WBAI and on a Zoom call celebrating Malcolm X’s birthday by People’s Organization for Progress in Newark, N.J.

Some of the urgent issues addressed in these forums have been organizing drives at Amazon, Starbucks and the labor fight against white supremacy after the murderous racist rampage in Buffalo, N.Y.

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