Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – May 9, 2022

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  • Defend Roe v. Wade
  • Elon Musk, super pig
  • New York rally declares: Jerusalem is Palestine!
  • Dollar dominoes
  • Three days in May to fight imperialist war and fascism
  • Oakland teachers and dockworkers fight for their community
  • Socialist Senate candidate attends Moscow May Day
  • Los Angeles on May Day: Workers gear up to fight back
  • To honor Odessa anti-fascists, stop weapons to Ukraine!
  • Instead of fighting COVID, U.S. spent money to support neo-Nazis in Ukraine
  • Climate crisis rages as U.S. pushes war for energy profits
  • Philippines community rallies to demand fair elections
  • Federación de Mujeres se solidariza con la lucha de Puerto Rico por la independencia
  • Defendamos a Roe vs Wade de la forma que podamos: en Huelga, Sentadas, Ausentándonos, Clausurando

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