President Zelensky and Mayor Goode

Aftermath of Philadelphia police bombing of MOVE house on May 13, 1985.

While landlords are raising rents by 40%, the capitalist media wants you to hate Russia. They are trying to turn Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into a folk hero.

Zelensky is a professional clown. He played the role of a Ukrainian president in a TV sitcom. 

He was selected to be an actual president because U.S. imperialism needed a new look in Ukraine. Wasn’t that the role of José Napoleón Duarte in El Salvador during the 1980s?

He was cheated out of winning El Salvador’s 1972 presidential election by vote fraud. Duarte was later tortured and sentenced to death.

None of this prevented him from being the face of a bloody military regime that carried out the orders of the Pentagon.

When Duarte was a civilian president of a military junta, more than 800 people were murdered in the village of El Mozote. Most of the victims of this December 1981 massacre were children.

The Reagan administration desperately needed the atrocity to be covered up. They remembered how the My Lai massacre in Vietnam turned millions against that war.

Reagan was assisted by not only Duarte but also the New York Times. Because of their truthful reporting, Raymond Bonner at the Times and Alma Guillermoprieto at the Washington Post were viciously attacked by the right wing. Bonner was driven out by the Times’ management

Today the New York Times and the Washington Post are among the loudest voices in the hate Russia chorus. They’re much more influential in winning liberals and progressive people to NATO’s war drive than Fox News ever could be. The killing of over 14,000 people in the Donbass republics by the Ukrainian regime is hardly ever mentioned by the media. 

Duarte defeated the openly fascist Roberto D’Aubuisson in El Salvador’s 1984 presidential election. This gave an excuse to many Democratic Party members of Congress to give billions to the killers in El Salvador’s military. 

Who are the ones with the guns?

Zelensky is allowed to stay in Kiev’s Mariinsky Palace because of his usefulness to Wall Street and European banksters. Millions of Ukrainians voted for Zelensky in 2019 because they thought he would stop the fascist gangs terrorizing Ukraine. 

The fact that Zelensky is Jewish is used as alleged proof that fascism in Ukraine isn’t a big problem anymore. After Barack Obama was elected U.S. president, many media commentators claimed racism in the United States wasn’t much of a problem either.

The Black Lives Matter movement proved that to be a lie. Obama was put in the White House because a large section of the ruling class felt they needed a new brand for their empire.

Tens of millions of people rejoiced when the first U.S. Black president was elected. It also made it easier for the Pentagon to attack the African country of Libya than if some obvious racist had been in office.

While Zelensky is the figurehead seen on TV, fascists like those in the Azov Battalion and Right Sector have been brought into the Ukrainian army and police. One of the factors that allowed JFK’s assassination was that half of the Dallas cops were Ku Klux Klan members.

The Deep State is the real state. Lenin pointed this out in “The State and Revolution.” When Gen. Milley responded to Trump’s attempted coup by saying “we’re the ones with the guns,” he was expressing a Marxist truth.

Ukrainian neo-Nazis burn the Odessa House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014.

The Odessa and Philadelphia massacres

Five years before Zelensky assumed office on May 20, 2019, at least 48 people at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa were murdered on May 2, 2014. Neo-Nazis prevented people from escaping. Many were burned to death.

It shows he fascist character of the Euromaidan movement’s leadership that the union hall was attacked. None of the criminals who carried out this atrocity have been prosecuted. Leftists were arrested instead.

Zelensky has done nothing to seek justice for the victims of this massacre, just as he has allowed the deadly shelling of the Donbass republics. Justice will only be carried out by Ukrainian leftists assisted by soldiers of the Russian Federation.

Six adults and five children were killed by Philadelphia police when the MOVE house was bombed on May 13, 1985. The cops were assisted by FBI agents and the Pentagon in dropping the bomb from a helicopter.

When Wilson Goode―Philadelphia’s first Black mayor―got up that morning, he wasn’t thinking 11 Black people would be killed along with the burning of four city blocks.

It was Philadelphia’s police chief who gave the order to “let it burn,” preventing the fire department from putting out the fire. But Mayor Goode still bears a responsibility for these murders.

The communist leader Sam Marcy could have added this terrorist crime as an appendix to his pamphlet “Generals Over the White House.” He might have entitled it “Cops Over City Hall.” 

“Neutrality” is a cop-out

President Vladimir Putin was forced to intervene in Ukraine in order to stop it from being a NATO base aimed at the Russian Federation. If this had happened, the next step would have been World War 3.

The entire imperialist metropolis led by the United States has issued severe sanctions against Russia. These include seizing Russian assets and cutting off Russian banks from the SWIFT financial clearing system. Sanctions are acts of war.

Sincere pacifists may condemn all wars, but revolutionaries know that some wars are progressive and indeed necessary. For socialists and communists to condemn “both sides” in the current crisis is a cop-out.

The world was horrified at the MOVE bombing. But some wanted to blame one of the victims, MOVE leader John Africa, for this terrorist act.

These liberals also refused to defend Mumia Abu-Jamal, a revolutionary who has been imprisoned for 40 years and whom the capitalist state wanted to execute. 

U.S. imperialism will not defeat itself. Revolutionaries have the right to accept assistance from anybody.

Soviet socialism was tragically overthrown and Russian Federation President Putin is no Lenin. Yet right now Russia’s armed forces are playing an indispensable role in rescuing the Donbass republics and Ukrainian workers from fascist terror.

It does no good to sit on the sidelines. Victory to the Donbass republics and their allies!

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