Unemployed Workers Union: We’ll continue to fight!

Baltimore: Unemployed Workers Union protest at the office of Maryland Labor Secretary Tiffany Robinson, Nov. 1. SLL photo: Andre Powell

Nov. 3 — The Unemployed Workers Union strongly disagrees with Circuit Court Judge John Nugent’s order to dismiss our lawsuit, Harp v. Hogan, which addressed the State of Maryland’s failure to distribute much-needed federal and state unemployment benefits.

The Maryland Department of Labor’s refusal to distribute already-paid-for federal benefits is an absolute disgrace. While the State of Maryland spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat our lawsuit, people continue to lose their homes, cars and possessions. Families have been made bankrupt and left without food and necessities.

The fight will continue. The Unemployed Workers Union will utilize every means necessary to secure the benefits thousands of people are still owed. We will review and assess other legal strategies. We will continue protesting. We will continue to call on the General Assembly to use its power to end the suffering of unemployed workers.

Both Gov. Larry Hogan and Labor Secretary Tiffany Robinson have remained arrogant and callous in their disregard for the rights of thousands of Marylanders who have still not received their benefits. 

We will take our fight to the “court of the people” and we will win there!

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