Haitian activists: ‘Joe Biden, shame on you!’

SLL photos: Stephen Millies

Oct. 8 ― Haitian activists and their supporters demonstrated today in New York City against the deportations of Haitian people. One sign said, “U.S. border patrols = slave catchers.” This referred to the immigration cops on horseback who whipped Haitians seeking asylum in Texas.

The demonstration was held at the Jacob Javits Federal Building in lower Manhattan and was called by KOMOKODA, the Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti. Among those who joined the picket was longtime labor activist Brenda Stokely.

The 81 million people who cast ballots for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris didn’t vote for a continuation of Trump’s racist policies. Yet the Biden administration has deported thousands of Hatians without a hearing despite the Aug. 14 earthquake in Haiti.

People chanted,  “Joe Biden, shame on you!,” which was heard by people near the corners of Worth and Lafayette streets.

The U.S. government has been attacking Haiti for 230 years, since 1791. The world’s only slave revolution terrified slave masters.

Haitians deserve reparations, not deportation. U.S. hands off Haiti!

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