Baltimore: Unemployment Crisis Town Hall Part 2, August 7

Urgent! Your Voice Is Needed at Thursday’s Town Hall Assembly

Come out & speak out at the Workers Assembly on Maryland’s Unemployment Benefits Crisis

When: Thursday, August 7, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Where: War Memorial Plaza (outside) across from City Hall,
Nearest the corner of Fayette & Gay Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

We realize that a number of people could not come out last Thursday because of storm and tornado warnings. Over 30 people did come and we eventually took testimony from everyone present. But we wanted to give people another opportunity.

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Tell your story and let the world know that the crisis is not over!

Thousands of Marylanders have still not received a dime of unemployment insurance and benefits owed to them. Instead, their claims are languishing in hold, false fraud claims, or simply not being paid.
Don’t let the Labor Department sweep us under the rug.

We are continuing to fight inside the courts, but that will not be enough. Only your voice and actions will ensure we win again.

What to Expect & Logistics

Bring your neighbors, friends, and family.

Children are welcome. There is a big grassy field for them to play inside the Plaza. Our sound system will drown out any rambunctious children.

We will be outside, but we ask you to wear a mask when you are not social-distancing to protect those who may not have been vaccinated.

Water will be provided. Please bring snacks and food for yourself and your family.

We will have limited folding chairs. Please bring a lawn or folding chair if you are able.

Note we will not have the regular “Unemployed and Workers Rights Clinic” at our office. Instead, we will have grievances to fill out at the Town Hall Assembly.

There will be a sign-up sheet for those unemployed workers who would like to testify when you arrive. We will call on speakers in the order you sign up, and we ask each person to not go over the 5-minute time limit to allow everyone a chance.

There will be a brief opening from our attorney to update attendee’s on the case and other representatives of the Unemployed Workers Union before workers testify. Following testimony, the sign-up will be open to other community, union, and political leaders including state and city delegates and representatives.

You can usually find street parking in the area, but be very careful to check for rush hour tow away zones (The city loves to tow). There is a parking lot across from the War Memorial Plaza at 510 E Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21202. The lot closes at 8 pm, and prices may have increased. Multiple bus lines stop near the War Memorial Plaza: 54, 76, 80, CITYLINK GREEN, CITYLINK PURPLE, CITYLINK RED, CITYLINK YELLOW

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