The case for Maryland’s unemployed workers to go before judge today

The Unemployed Workers Union’s case on behalf of Maryland’s unemployed workers is slated to go before a judge today. Today, June 30, 2021, we could hear whether we are granted a temporary restraining order on Hogan’s halt of federal pandemic benefits while the case is set for court.

There will be a full press briefing, regardless of the outcome, 45 minutes after we get any news of what is decided, at Elijah Cummings Court House, 111 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD.

Attorney Alec Summerfield stated, “We are urging the courts to make a decision quickly to address what can only be described as a humanitarian crisis for Maryland’s unemployed workers. These workers are facing foreclosures, car repossession, and economic disaster; this urgent crisis impacts entire families.”

Union representative Sharon Black added, “Regardless of the judge’s decision, we will continue to fight until every unemployed worker gets justice. On Tuesday, July 5, 2021, at 2 pm, we will picket the Labor Secretary, Tiffany Robinson’s office at 500 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202.

Both Summerfield and Black added, “Regardless of the outcome of our case, both Hogan and Robinson can do the right thing and pay Marylanders what they are owed. They do not have to wait on the outcome of a lawsuit.”

The Unemployed Workers Union has now received over 2,500 individual grievances of workers who have yet to receive benefits, some dating to over a year, some on hold or falsely labeled fraud. Other unemployed workers are still locked out of their Beacon accounts. The grievances document the specifics and the harm inflicted on themselves and their families.

Union representatives have underscored that the group will not rest until every single unemployed Marylander receives justice.

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