New York City: Solidarity with UN vote for Cuba against U.S. blockade, June 23

Solidarity with the UN General Assembly vote for Cuba against the U.S. blockade Wednesday June 23 – 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Cuban Mission to the United Nations, 315 Lexington Ave. (between 38 & 39 Sts.), Manhattan

On June 23, 2021, the UN General Assembly will vote overwhelmingly to condemn the United States government’s “Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo” against Cuba. Decades-long U.S. economic and political aggression, aimed at asphyxiating the socialist island, deepened under the Donald Trump administration and has been wholly maintained by the Joe Biden White House. This cruel sanctions policy is maintained despite Biden’s promises on the campaign trail and despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Cuba’s exemplary conduct fighting the pandemic on the island and its amazing medical internationalism are respected and loved around the world.

Join us after the UN vote when opponents of the blockade will gather at the Cuban Mission to the UN to celebrate the victory and exposure of the utter political isolation of U.S. aggression.

Cuba si, bloqueo no!

For info on June 17-June 23 week of action against the blockade, visit:

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