Turkey: Revolutionary prisoner undergoes surgery after months of protests

On May 26, the seriously ill political prisoner Ali Osman Köse was taken to the Thracian University Hospital in Edirne, near the border with Bulgaria and Greece. This came after months of protest actions in Turkey and Western European countries, which are part of a campaign launched by the People’s Front–Turkey to demand the revolutionary’s release.

The revolutionary, who has been in the prisons of Turkey’s fascist oligarchy for 37 years, suffers from multiple health problems, the most serious one being kidney cancer, which poses a threat to his life. In addition to the kidney, his tumor has affected the adrenal gland, the spleen, and part of the pancreas.

On the morning of May 31, Ali Osman Köse underwent surgery to remove the tumor in his kidney. At 19:30 on the same day, it was reported that the operation was successful, and there was no danger to the revolutionary’s life. One of his kidneys had been completely removed and samples of his spleen and pancreas were taken for examination for pathology. After the operation, he was transferred to the intensive care unit of the hospital.

On June 2, Ali Osman Köse was taken out of intensive care and transferred to a room in the political prisoners’ ward of the hospital. Although he had undergone an extremely serious operation, the fascist oligarchy had him handcuffed to his bed and guards kept on duty in his room around the clock.

In the afternoon of June 7 it was reported that Ali Osman Köse was taken out of the hospital to be transported to Tekirdag F-type isolation prison, even though his treatment is continuing.

According to the doctors, it took between 2 and 4 years for the tumor to spread to such an extent in Ali Osman Köse’s body. In recent months, the revolutionary was taken successively to the State Provincial Hospital in the city of Tekirdağ, the Tekirdağ City Hospital, the Namık Kemal University Hospital in the city of Tekirdağ, and the Institute of Forensic Medicine in the city of Istanbul. In none of these hospitals was it found that he suffered from cancer. If Ali Osman Köse had indeed been examined in even just one of all these hospitals, this tumor, which can be detected even just by touching the body with the hand, would have been found, and his treatment could have begun much earlier.

The medical reports according to which Ali Osman Köse may remain in prison are not based on any scientific data gathered during the examinations carried out. These reports are entirely politically motivated.

During the examination at the 3rd Specialized Department of the Forensic Medicine Institute, Ali Osman Köse stated to the doctor that he had been experiencing pain in his kidneys for many years, dating back to 1994 when he was subjected to severe torture by the political police. The doctor replied, “If you had something in your kidneys, your color would not be like this.” This doctor, as well as the doctors who signed the medical reports without even examining Ali Osman Köse, are responsible for allowing his illness to progress to this extent.

The applications filed by the lawyers of the Peoples’ Law Bureau to have Ali Osman Köse examined by independent expert doctors, to be released to undergo treatment, and to be released due to coronavirus infection, were not upheld and all were given a negative response.

The application submitted to the Constitutional Court of Turkey for Ali Osman Köse to be released to undergo treatment has not yet been answered.

The fascist state with all its institutions is responsible for allowing his illness to progress to this extent. Ali Osman Köse must be released immediately and undergo adequate treatment.

Source: New Solution

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