Baltimore: Reopen Marlyn Barnes’ case, June 8

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT

Medical Examiners Office
900 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore

During the trial of the police officer who brutally murdered George Floyd, former Maryland Chief Medical Examiner David Fowler was exposed nationally as a racist, liar, and fraud! It was Mr. Fowler and his deputy, Pamela Southall, who handled the case of Marlyn Barnes.

Barnes died on April 10 in the custody of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, which operates the detention center.

Local law enforcement declared Barnes’ death a suicide after a rapid investigation. Since then, the family has faced obfuscation, unclarity and stonewalling from the Harford County authorities and the Maryland state Chief Medical Examiner’s Office. This has included a delay of two months in making the autopsy available, providing incorrect information to the family regarding public information act requests and general refusal to meet with the family.

Now that Maryland Attorney General is reopening cases handled by Mr. David Fowler and his associates, we want justice for Marlyn! Please join us outside the Medical Examiner’s office in Baltimore on June 8th for a protest and press conference!

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