Baltimore: Justice for Duryea Green now, May 26

MAY 26 AT 12 PM EDT – 1 PM EDT
Justice for Duryea Green NOW!!
6 St Paul St, Baltimore

Duryea Green is a prisoner being unjustly and incorrectly incarcerated in Jessup, MD. Over 15 years ago, Duryea was put up on false charges by corrupt and dangerous police detective James Lloyd.

In recent days, the Maryland Department of Corrections has endeavored to transfer Duryea to another prison based on the uncorroborated narrative of one correctional officer. We believe this transfer poses a danger to Duryea’s health as he suffers from cancer and asthma. Furthermore, all his family are located in the Baltimore area.

We further believe that this transfer is retaliation for the political campaign to release Duryea Green. Please join us for a press conference on May 26th outside Governor Hogan’s office in Baltimore!

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