Los Angeles: Black & Brown Solidarity with Palestine! May 22

Black & Brown Solidarity with Palestine!
MacArthur Park

Former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela – who led his country’s independence from the racist Apartheid system – characterized Israel as a racist apartheid state. Israel remains in character as it uses the tens of billions of dollars in funding and weaponry from the U.S., to today murder whole families, with the theft of homes and the destruction of entire apartment blocks, making tens of thousands homeless. Why? Simply because the people of Gaza, and the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, who had tried peace, were given no choice but to defend themselves against the deadly assault on Palestinian worshippers, children and their homes. This is an assault that continues to shock the world with a brutality that, like the smell of strange fruit, resonates in the minds of Black and Brown people here dealing with the terror of white supremacy and racist state terror by ICE and the police. We therefore pledge our solidarity with the people of Palestine and condemn the U.S. complicity in these war crimes with Israel.

• Stop the War on Palestine Now!
• Biden – Stop Arming and Funding Israeli Apartheid!
• From South Central to Palestine – Resistance is Justified!

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