New York City: Shut down Zionism to support the #PalestineStrike, May 18

Shut down Zionism to support the #PalestineStrike
800 2nd Ave, New York

“Besiege your siege.” Mahmoud Darwish

Gather outside the Zionist mission to the United Nations to support an historic general strike throughout occupied Palestine.

Stand with the Palestinian people and their Resistance, and for the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea!

“From across Palestine, we call on you to join our general strike and day of action on Tuesday, May 18. Launched from Jerusalem and extending to every village, city, and refugee camp across Palestine and at our borders with Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, we call on your support in maintaining this moment of unprecedented popular resistance. The Israeli settler-colonial regime and military occupation has suffocated us and attempted to extinguish all possibility for the past 73 years. Now we demand our freedom — for the sake of the lives taken from us, for the countless injured, for those whose homes were destroyed, and for the thousands of our people arbitrarily imprisoned by the occupation.

“As Jewish Israeli settler mobs and the Israeli state continue a campaign of violence against our people in Sheikh Jarrah and Gaza, we will continue our popular intifada until the liberation of our lands and people.

“As Palestinian youth, we invite you across the international community to contribute to our general strike on May 18th by organizing actions in your cities and communities. We invite you to hold actions outside Israeli embassies and consulates in your region, but invite any gesture or action in solidarity with our continued struggle.

“We will continue to strike, organize, and protest for as long as the occupation exists. Liberation is within our reach.”

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