Palestine’s blood on U.S. hands: Support resistance to Israeli terror

A massive, militant protest in solidarity with Palestine took over the streets of New York on May 11. SLL photo: Bill Dores

Across the land of Palestine, people are rising up against decades of oppression and occupation. The racist Israeli state is answering them with mass murder and terror. 

In the giant prison called Gaza, Israeli troops are raining white phosphorous, dense inert-metal explosives and other U.S.-made  weapons on crowded refugee camps. They have wiped out whole families, destroyed entire apartment blocks and made tens of thousands homeless.

An airstrike on the Shati refugee camp killed a family of 10, including 8 children. As of Saturday morning, May 15, at least 39 children are among Gaza’s 139 dead. Their “crime”: being born Palestinian in the land of Palestine. 

On May 14, Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank murdered 11 protesters with live ammunition. Hundreds more have been wounded. Israeli troops also gunned down protesters at Palestine’s borders with Jordan and Lebanon.  

In Jerusalem, 28 Palestinian families were forced from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, following an Israeli police assault on tens of thousands of people praying at the Al-Aqsa mosque. Inside Israel’s 1948 borders, Palestinian communities are on lockdown. Racist gangs roam the streets shouting “Death to Arabs!”

Israeli war machine made in USA

Washington is not ignoring the carnage Israel is inflicting on the people of Palestine. It is an active participant. 

The missiles that kill children in Gaza are made in the USA! They are fired from U.S.-made F-35s and F-16s. The pilots that fly them are trained in the U.S. and paid by the U.S. 

Artillery shells Israeli occupation forces fire at Gaza come from U.S. military stockpiles. The tear gas, sound grenades and rubber bullets fired at protesters in Jerusalem are also made here. They are all provided to the Israeli occupation forces for free.

While President Joe Biden calls hypocritically for “deescalation,” the U.S. has blocked the U.N. Security Council from meeting to discuss the ongoing massacre. 

The blood of Palestine’s children is on Biden’s hands, and Donald Trump’s. It’s on the hands of every politician, Republican or Democrat, who votes for an endless flow of arms to the racist Israeli state. 

Last May, while COVID-19 ravaged the world and millions were losing their jobs, the U.S. Congress approved a new $38-billion arms package for the racist Israeli state. This robbery has been going on for decades.

Palestinian blood is on the hands of governors and mayors who invest public funds in Israel Bonds, guaranteed against loss by the U.S. Treasury.

Palestine’s blood is on the hands of the Pentagon brass, who routinely refer to the settler state in Palestine as a their “unsinkable aircraft carrier,” a phrase repeated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Zionist leaders. They see Israel as an “asset” in their endless war to control the world’s energy reserves and keep the region’s petrodollars flowing to U.S. banks and corporations. 

Israel is the Pentagon’s forward base to attack Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Iran and any other countries in West Asia and North Africa that don’t pay tribute to Wall Street.

Wall Street profits off Palestinian blood

Palestine’s blood is on the hands of Wall Street bankers and corporate CEOs.

By February, Israel’s military had already spent the $38 billion Congress gave it last spring. Citigroup, the fourth largest U.S. bank, loaned the occupation state $3 billion to buy more weapons until the next U.S. aid package.

Energy giant Chevron steals natural gas from the waters off occupied Palestine under the protection of Israel’s U.S.-paid navy. The corporation plans to bring Arabian oil to Europe through Israel’s Eilat to Ashkelon Pipeline (now damaged by Gaza’s homemade rockets). ExxonMobil also explores for gas in Palestine’s waters. 

And for Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and the rest of the U.S. military-industrial complex, the war machine called Israel is a gift that keeps on giving. Their CEOs and big stockholders gloat when bombs and missiles fall on Gaza. They see the Israeli occupation regime as their best salesman. 

Israel is a state of war

Israel is a state of war. Its very object of existence is the eradication of the Palestinian people from their land. 

Seventy-three years ago, the majority of the people of Palestine were expelled from their homes by terror, force and massacre. Thousands of children, women and men were executed in cold blood, 530 villages were destroyed and entire cities were depopulated so that the racist settler state of “Israel” could be created on their land. 

The Palestinians suffered the fate the U.S. government inflicted on Indigenous people in this country and that racist gangs inflicted on Black communities like Rosewood and Tulsa.

Where did they go? Nearly 2 million are confined in the Gaza Strip, a 25-mile-long open-air prison where water is not fit to drink, electricity runs a few hours a day, and people die from lack of medicine. 

But even there the racist state of Israel cannot tolerate their existence. It is murdering them with a rain of missiles and bombs.

Refugees have right to go home

Millions more Palestinians live in exile in camps on the West Bank, in “unrecognized villages” inside Israel’s 1948 borders, or in exile in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and around the world. They have a right to return home!

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem live under a daily reign of terror from Israeli troops and settlers, who murder and kidnap them and destroy their crops and animals in an effort to drive them from their homes. 

The very existence of “Israel” has been a 73-year-long war against the people of Palestine and the neighboring countries of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, paid for by the U.S. 

Resistance will never be defeated!

For the Palestinian people, however, the land between the river and the sea remains their homeland. They have never stopped fighting for their right to exist and live in peace and freedom in every part of Palestine — for a land where all people can live as equals. 

Today, with homemade rockets in Gaza, with stones on the West Bank and in Jerusalem, with a general strike in Haifa and Jaffa and Galilee and the towns of the Triangle, they are rising up as never before. They need our solidarity! 

We must fight for an end to the endless flow of U.S. arms and dollars to the Israeli war machine. End the $11-million-a-day in military aid, loan guarantees, tax exemptions, the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement and the other myriad ways the U.S. corporate ruling class props up the Israeli occupation regime. 

We need money for jobs and healthcare, housing and schools, not endless war! End U.S. intervention all over the world!

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