Global protest demands: Biden, ‘Unblock Cuba’

Protests in over 50 cities around the world took place Sunday, April 25, demanding an end of the United States economic, commercial, and financial blockade against Cuba.

Events took place in major U.S. cities such as New York, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Indianapolis.

In Cuba, some 3,000 people rode Cubans caravans in two cities: Las Tunas and Villa Clara, which were selected for being the two of the least affected  by COVID-19 contagions.

Similar caravans took place in Miami, New York, Tennessee, California, Illinois, Beijing, Illinois, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Winnipeg, and Montreal, among many others across the five continents.

This initiative came from Carlos Lazo, a Cuban professor living in the United States.

Caravans aim at showing worldwide rejection of the 60-year old blockade imposed on Cuba right after the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro in 1959.

The blockade is a burden for Cuba’s development. Since 1992, year after year the United Nations General Assembly approves by large margins resolutions calling the US to stop the unilateral and illegal  punishment of the Cuban people. To no avail.

The laws and sanctions that make up the blockade are an illegal attempt of regime change, infringing severe food and medicine shortages on Cuba’s 11 million people.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the embargo was heavily strengthened in 2020, causing losses of over US$5 billion to the Cuban economy.

Source: teleSUR

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