Solidarity to be organized with the people in Donbass against war and militarization

In view of the imminent threat of war in the Donbass on the part of the right-wing Ukrainian government with the support of U.S. and NATO forces, the permanent bombing of the civilian population and anti-fascist forces, with the most recent drone strike murdering a 5-year-old child and injuring his grandmother, a petition is circulating, which speaks out against military aggression, against war, for peace in Ukraine and in the entire region.

On the initiative of members of the Anti-imperialist Front, who want to unite forces against war and militarization, an online emergency meeting was held on 8th of April to exchange information with a comrade from the political movement Borotba in Donbass. It was joined by 16 individuals and members of different antifascist organistions from USA, Italy, Austria, Greece, UK and Belarus

The situation is really serious. With the pretext of Russia pulling together troops, with the help of the mainstream media, attempts are being made to fuel and legitimize a war in the region.

The military presence and maneuvers of NATO troops from the Balkans to the Black Sea are completely hidden in the same media.

According to the information from Donbass, about 30,000 people’s militias in Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics face 95,000 Ukrainian soldiers, accompanied by an undefined number of far-right forces.

The only thing currently restraining Ukraine from attacking the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics is the Minsk agreements on a cease-fire. Therefore, the fascist Kiev junta is now looking for every possible way to “legally” disrupt the Minsk agreements, including by accusing the Donbass people’s militia of violating the ceasefire regime.

Should Ukraine, accepting all consequences, attack the Donbass, it can be assumed that Russia will also become active in defense, which in turn will call NATO to the scene to rush to Ukraine’s aid with immense military equipment. The consequences are difficult to calculate.

In this sense, today every voice against this dirty war of interests is vital for the people of the Donbass to take a stand together to preserve peace against this aggression…

In view of already planned large rallies in Greece on 17 April, where nationwide demonstrations against wars and military bases are to be held, the date was seen as an option to stand up against the immense military mobilization and war threats towards the people in Donbass in different countries.

We urge you to join the international action on April 17 against the war in Donbass and to hold events available to you on that day in your countries. Please give us a response to this letter about whether and in what form you can organize anti-war actions in your countries. Also, initiatives and suggestions for our joint anti-imperialist work are always welcome.


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