Washington, D.C.: Emergency rally responds to anti-Asian murders

Brittany Tabora and Ina Padua at a march in Washington on March 17 in response to the shootings in Georgia that left eight dead, six of them women of Asian descent.

On March 17 in Washington, D.C., grassroots organizations Total Liberation Collective, Asian and Pacific Islander Resistance and Anakbayan D.C. organized an emergency action and vigil in response to the killings of eight people in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 16. 

The New York Times wrote an article that included a photo of me, titled “After Georgia Attacks, Asian-Americans Demand Serious Action on Bias,” but it doesn’t talk about demands that Asian Americans are making, let alone the demands from the action. I’ll share them here: 

  1. Disband the Metropolitan Police Department’s Asian Liaison Unit — it will not keep Asian communities safe no matter what language a cop speaks or what they look like.
  2. Incorporate anti-Asian violence as part of the K-12 curriculum.
  3. Incorporate Black History as a focus of the year-long K-12 curriculum.

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